Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bicep Tattoo ideas

Tattooing is an art of imprinting permanent designs on the body. This body art was basically invented for non-verbal communication and personal identification. But these days, tattoos have become a style mantra and are popular all over the world. These tattoos are very flexible and versatile, both with respect to design and placement.
Tattooing is a painful procedure and the intensity of the pain depends on the body part where the tattoo is carved. The bicep is one such body part that causes less pain while tattooing.
Thus bicep tattoos are considered as some of the best tattoos for someone who is getting a tattoo for first time. So, if you are going to get your first tattoo, then here are some outer and inner bicep tattoos ideas.

Heart tattoos are the best bicep tattoos for women and men. Heart tattoos are very versatile as they can be used for expressing various human emotions like love, friendship and betrayal. These tattoos can be paired with other tattoo designs like wing tattoos, name tattoos and banner tattoos.
A sacred heart tattoo, broken heart tattoo, tribal heart tattoo and Celtic heart tattoo are some of the popular heart tattoo designs. These tattoos fit perfectly on the biceps and hence, are ideal bicep tattoo ideas.

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