Friday, February 29, 2008


I had my good friend come in today to get herself a tattoo. Its none other than Ms Roshni (Ms World Singapore 2007). Its been ages since we caught up, so what better thing is there to do, other than to have some nice tattooing session.

It was a custom piece done on her lower back which requires couple of sittings. I won't be revealing what she had done so far, so stay tuned for more !!

Getting Busy on her...Tattoo? Haha !!


So boys and girls, this is just a preview of what Immortal Tattoos has to offer. There will be many more updates in time to come. Lots of dark emotions are waiting to be expressed. Enjoy !!

Friday, February 22, 2008


What better way is there to spend in Van Diemen's Land other than gettin wasted? Haha !! Well you get more wasted than ever with Cameron Grant - Bassist of Death Metal Band - PSYCROPTIC !!

Ladies and Gentlemen, and to the many who don't know who or what Psycroptic is, well you don't know what you are missing.

Psycroptic was formed in 1999 and immediately set out to create their own style of darkened death metal. Consisting of originally of Cameron Grant (bass), Joe Haley (guitars), Matthew Chalk (vocals) and David Haley (drums), the four came together after the bands they had played in disbanded.

However in 2005 , ongoing disharmony and tensions resulted in the rest of the band asking Matthew to leave in March 2005. In April 2005, Jason Peppiatt (Vocals) was asked to join Psycroptic.

Close to 8 yrs now, Psycroptic has performed and toured with Deeds of Flesh, Dismember, Cannibal Corpse, Kataklysm, Nile and Deicide.

Look how wasted I am. I can't even throw the horns properly. Haha !!

I wish Psycroptic a bright future and will have full support of Immortal Tattoos, Singapore. You rock !!

Boys and girls who are into death metal bands - Your collection is not over until you get Psycroptic !! They are the Metal from the Isle !! Go get their CDs or merchandize now !!

By the way Cam, I know you are reading this. When I come back, I am gonna ink you either way, even if you don't know what you want to get.


For more details :

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sum It Up - Taz

Here are the rest of the works done in Van Diemen's Land. There are more tattoos done other than the pictures here but sadly, they didn't turn up well in the taken pictures. Sorry Boys !! But I will be back again, so hang in there !!

Representing JORDON !! So, you still wanna STAY DOWN, nick? Haha !!

Celtic Cross on one of the boys !! Sorry man, I can't spell your name. But, you know who you are.

Representing the Howard Family !! RESPECT !!

Simply love it when I was in Van Diemen's Land, hanging out with the boys and getting some Ink on, watching burnouts right at the door step, sipping on Cascade Draughts. Wooo Hooo !! Miss ya all !! So, are you boys ready for another round ?!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sick and Tired

Hello all !!

Yet again, its been some time since I updated this blog. It has been a rough ride ever since I came back to Singapore. Lots have been going on and its just making me sick and tired.

There have been rumours and tall-tales about me going around in cyberland and the real world. Its like, I am being watched, of what I do in my personal life. Why can't those people give me a break?! There are some, whom I might not know, are just dying to tarnish my name. Isn't it funny when ; whatever I do actually, does not concern them and yet, they use my name just so they feel good? They do need to get a fucking life and mind their own business.

Its true that many people do know me and its work's nature to be interactive with them. There are some who just piss me off, well just tough luck. Sometimes, I wonder why its bad to be nice.

To all those who wanna mess me up and spread rumours about what I am like or what I have done, I got something to say - "Even if I were to be shaking hands with Jack the Ripper or riding with Kid Rock or getting laid with X-tina, it is not your god damn business. If you want to make it your business, come face to face, meet eye to eye and tell me. I ain't running away. I am happy at what I do and I am loving it."

Make it simpler for the "Paparazzi-Wannabes" - I am the Rockstar !! Just shadow me in my public and personal activities. Bring it on!! -Wink -

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Bloody Skull


Another tattoo done in Van Diemen's Land. It was a modification to the original design....

Monday, February 4, 2008

Ned Kelly

The very first tattoo done in Van Diemen's Land, is none other than a tattoo of Ned Kelly. I know many people don't know who Ned Kelly is. Even I had no clue who he was, until I was told that he was the Australian Bushranger - The Australian Iron Outlaw. In other words, boys and girls ; He was the real Australian Gangster !!

Edward "Ned" Kelly (January 1855 – November 1880) is Australia's most infamous bushranger and, to many, a folk hero his defiance of the colonial authorities. Ned Kelly was born near Cragieburn, now in north suburban Melbourne to an Irish convict father, and as a young man he clashed with the police. Following an incident at his home, police parties went in search of him. After killing three policemen, he and his gang were proclaimed outlaws. A final violent confrontation with police at Glenrowan, with Kelly dressed in home-made plate metal armour and helmet, led to his capture and trial. He was executed by hanging at Melbourne Gaol in 1880. His daring and notoriety made him an iconic figure in Australian history, folk lore, literature, art and film.

Ned Kelly survived to stand trial, and was sentenced to death by the Irish-born judge Sir Redmon Barry. This is case was extraordinary in that there were exchanges between the prisoner Kelly and the judge, and the case has been the subject of attention by historians and lawyers (see Philips). When the judge uttered the customary words "May God have mercy on your soul", Ned is reported to have replied "I will go a little further than that, and say I will see you there when I go". He was hanged on 11 November at the Melbourne Gaol by Elijah Upjohn. Although two newspapers (The Age and The Herald) reported Kelly's last words as "Such is life" and two other newspapers as "Ah well, I suppose it has come to this. Such is life", another source, Ned Kelly's gaol warden, writes in his diary that when Kelly was prompted to say his last words, he (Kelly) opened his mouth and mumbled something that he couldn't hear—and since the warden's office is closer to the scene of the hanging than the witnesses' allotted space, Ned Kelly's last words actually remain uncertain. Sir Redmond Barry died of the effects of a carbuncle on his neck on 23 November 1880, twelve days after Kelly.

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Thank You, Gavin & Bron

I would like to take this time and chance to dedicate this piece of blog to Gavin & Bron...

I would like to say, thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to come over and experience the lifestyle and culture that happens in Tasmania. Its funny how we even got to know each other, and like they say - Bad things happen for good reasons. I am very honoured and happy to have you guys around. I thank you for your hospitality and comfort given to me over the days I was there. You guys really took good care of me and I am very touched by it.

For you to invite me over was a big thing, putting a trust in me, not knowing what kind of person I could be, was a bigger thing. I never had so much fun, never had so much of calmness in my soul and peacefulness in my mind. I felt safe, guys. It something which I never felt in my whole life. Sad, but its true. No matter how much I say "Thank You", its never enough for what you guys have given me or shown me during my stay.

I am dedicating this piece for you both and telling you that you guys mean alot to me. This is no bullshit. Let me tell the whole world that - You guys, rock my world !!

Like Gavin said, We will mates forever even though we are world apart...

I would never forget you guys and want you guys to know that I am here for you guys when you come to Singapore. Always....

Me and Gavin - Rockin in Van Diemen's Land !!

Bron and Me - Lookin Lovely ain't you bron? Haha !!

Me with 2 of the world best mates I have. Forever !!

I was close to tears when I said good bye to both of you at the airport. I know I sound emotional, but its true. Now everyone is gonna make fun of me when they read this..haha !! I miss the whole bunch. But fret not, I will be making a comeback !! Van Diemen's Land, will never be the same again !!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

What a Day...

Hello everyone !!

Sorry for my long absence. To some who have known, Immortal Tattoos was on tour to Van Diemen's Land - Tasmania !!

I am now finally back to the fast paced and noisy land, where everyone seems to be in a rush, and god knows why. One piece of advice to everyone who is new to my blog and to the those who keep track over the months, - Watch and Learn from the boys from Van Diemen's Land. They rock !!

Before I go on about my tour, I would wish to share something.

I was back to my studio today, and I should say, it was not a warm welcome.

Few months back, I had a customer who refused to pay after getting a tattoo by me and I had to call the cops on him. Seems like the cops can't do anything about it as it was between "retailer and customer" issue. Full of shit if you ask me. Anyway, the guy ended up paying and left.

And of all days, he returned yesterday and asked me to retouch his tattoos for him. Well obviously I refused to, and he got pissed and shouted vulgarities at me. After all the peace and quietness, some jackass have to piss me off. There was some confrontation between me and him, verbally that is, and he ran out of the shop and called me out for a fight. When I asked him to come back in, he just took off. What a pussy he was !!

And some other guy I tattooed many months back as well, who is known to be in prison now, was bragging to his cell mates about how he wanted to beat me up and break my shop. And he went on saying to some other guy that my tattoos are expensive and that I am arrogant.

A note to the jail bird - "Well if you are reading this, probably you are illiterate ( If you know what that means ), so it doesn't matter. You can ask your "friends" to translate it for you. But wait ; are they not as dumb as you? Let me tell you something. This is Singapore, my low lifed friend. You can brag to your cell mates anything you want, but your the one serving time in prison, selling your ass for some cash to buy drugs when you are out. So, try harder next time. If you think my tattoos are expensive, don't do it, cause your too cheap to be tattooed anyway."

Sure is fast paced back in Singapore - Pretty FULL-ON boys !!

I will be updating about my tour over the next few days, so don't blink....