Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sun Tattoos Design

If you’re interested in getting a sun tattoo, then this guide was written for you. Specifically, we’re going to look at the main types of “sun design” that you can have, so you will be able to decide if it sounds like the kind of thing you would like for your next tattoo.
One of the most common types of sun tattoo is the “tribal” design. These can either look like the usual “sun drawing”, with a central circle or sphere, surrounded with tribal lines which symbolize the “rays” of the sun. There’s plenty of variety, with lots of different styles of ray. Some are quite jagged, long and pronounced – which gives the tattoo an abrupt, angry feel to it. Other designs use much softer curves, and give the tattoo a more chilled out, and even feminine feel.
Some other interesting sun designs are mixtures of sun and moon sitting together, but still keeping the circle shape. Often, the sun side will have rays which look like flames or fire, and the moon side will have water and waves. This creates a nice ying/yang effect. In fact, a ying/yang symbol, with sun rays surrounding it is also a popular sun-related tattoo.
If you’re not going for a tribal sun tattoo, then chances are your tattoo will involve lots of color. Strong reds, yellows and oranges are used to symbolize the heat and power of the sun. As the sun featured so prominently in ancient cultures, this is often reflected in the tattoo – especially if you pick something that is Aztec of Celtic influenced.
While you can have one of these designs anywhere on your body, they are especially common on the shoulder-blade, or the upper arm area. This gives plenty of room to have large, circular-shaped tattoo – and still leave room on your body for other large tattoos.

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