Wednesday, February 2, 2011

FOREARM Tattoos For Men

What’s common between Chester Bennington, David Beckham and Eminem? As predictable as it sounds, they all flaunt some superbly etched forearm tattoos. Forearm tattoos have been inked on men and women as well, since ages. The courage of getting etched on your forearm shows a deep commitment of the tattoo wearer towards his forearm tattoo. If you are a connoisseur of tattoos and body art, forearm tattoos would be a lovely addition to your collection. Forearm tattoos for men, can be placed on your upper or inner part of the forearm as this location is one of the most perfect places on human body to perform any kind of body art. If you already sport a large piece of tattoo art on your arm, adding forearm tattoos would make it look complete and wholesome which is when it becomes a sleeve tattoo.
Sometimes people get a little conscious about getting inked on their forearms as this is one place which is visible always, and if you are a professional, it might not look very suitable at your workplace. Here’s an idea – consider trying glow in the dark tattoos on your forearms. These tattoos are visible only under ultra violet light which means, at work you are a professional, with no kind of tattoos and body art, and at night while you are clubbing out, you are the party heartthrob! Let us check out some cool designs for forearm tattoos for men.

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